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Samuel Rosas

Just got my holster today and have been messing with it for the last hour. It’s 1000 times better than the Versa Carry – regret spending my money on that.

James Wenzler

Great holster, had a slight problem with the LCI on my Ruger SR9 but the customer service was fantastic and they said they’d be shipping me a replacement. Very happy customer. Great design, and it will certainly not be my last purchase. Plan to recommend it to all my friends and family that carry.

Rex Harris

By far the most comfortable holster on the market! Half the price of the industry leader and twice the quality. I will not stop until every one of my CHL friends own one. Thanks Triple T for a GREAT product!

Katrina Smith

My husband is a police sergeant in Vidor, TX and we got a couple of 1911 holsters from you. I love the holster and was wondering if you make one for the little Ruger LCP. I have a pocket holster but want an inside the waist holster that is comfortable when I jog.

Matt D

I own 5 of your holsters. I have been carrying concealed for over 5 years and this holster is the best I have ever owned. Being a big guy, it is hard to find something that fits just right. Thank you again.

Rodeo Clown

Glad to see how successful this local Houston, family-operated business serves its customers. Want a quality holster? Rest assured, Triple T Holsters will meet your needs and exceed your (reasonable) expectations. No, I am not associated with the company, just a satisfied customer.