Rex Harris

By far the most comfortable holster on the market! Half the price of the industry leader and twice the quality. I will not stop until every one of my CHL friends own one. Thanks Triple T for a GREAT product!

James Fanestiel

Great holster and comfortable. Has all the right features. and a life time warranty.

James Wenzler

Great holster, had a slight problem with the LCI on my Ruger SR9 but the customer service was fantastic and they said they’d be shipping me a replacement. Very happy customer. Great design, and it will certainly not be my last purchase. Plan to recommend it to all my friends and family that carry. 

Mike Flaniken

Excellent holsters! I use the G-lock right handed version as my everyday carry rig.. very comfortable! 

Katrina Smith

My husband is a police sergeant in Vidor, TX and we got a couple of 1911 holsters from you. I love the holster and was wondering if you make one for the little Ruger LCP. I have a pocket holster but want an inside the waist holster that is comfortable when I jog.

Samuel Rosas

Just got my holster today and have been messing with it for the last hour. It’s 1000 times better than the Versa Carry – regret spending my money on that.

Matt D

I own 5 of your holsters. I have been carrying concealed for over 5 years and this holster is the best I have ever owned. Being a big guy, it is hard to find something that fits just right. Thank you again.

Rodeo Clown

Glad to see how successful this local Houston, family-operated business serves its customers. Want a quality holster? Rest assured, Triple T Holsters will meet your needs and exceed your (reasonable) expectations. No, I am not associated with the company, just a satisfied customer.

Tim Briery

Let me start by saying I love your holster. It is one of the most comfortable concealment holsters I have used in 20 years of law enforcement.

Warren Personal Security Detail/Shift Leader

As a law enforcement professional with over 12 years in the public and private sector, I have had many experiences with different types of holsters. Triple T Holsters allow for all day wear with maximum comfort while still allowing the user to access the weapon with ease.

Pamela Diamond

Thanks for catering to the ‘lefty’s’!